Apr 13, 2011

The Sak NYC Sample Sale

The Sak Brand Group NYC Spring Sample Sale
ONE DAY ONLY - Friday, April 15, 9am-6pm

339 5th Avenue, 2nd Floor (between 33rd and 34th)
Subway:  34th Street at Broadway– NRW, FV
Bags range from $5-$60
American Express, Visa and Mastercard and Cash accepted; No checks

Sample sale highlights:
The Sak signature leather styles including crossbody's, satchels and totes
Elliott Lucca leather and woven leather totes, demi’s and satchels
Sakroots canvas and nylon styles including crossbody’s & totes
Lina man-made leather styles including shoppers and 3-in-1 clutches 


Elliott Lucca Millana Flap was $198 is now $60
Elliott Luca Capella Pleated Demi was $268 is now $60
Elliott Lucca Millana Camera Bag was $148 is now $50

Sakroots Artist Circle Nano was $49 now is now $30
Sakroots Artist Circle Crossbody was $79 is now $30
Sakroots Artist Circle Foldover Flap was $89 is now $40
Lina Cassady Medium Shopper was $49 is now $22
Lina Carina Large Satchel was $59 is now $22
Lina Beatrice Sm Flap w/Ribbon Weave was $49 is now  $22

These are fantastic sales if you live in, near or are planning on visiting NYC on Friday!

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