Apr 12, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

Mr. Chewy is the pet spot for people that focuses on delivering pet happiness. They ship over 70+ brands of pet food and stuff for free (orders $49+). Unlike other pet retailers, Mr Chewy is driven by pet happiness and not the bottom line. Overall, Mr Chewy is just an average dog with a big heart and big dreams too!

Being the good dog that he is, Mr. Chewy recently shared some of his favorite treats with my dog, Biscuit.

As you can see from the photo, Biscuit was quite shocked to see such a big box of dog treats. It has taken him several of weeks to sample each type.

Biscuit liked all of the treats, but I must say, he is super addicted to Zuke's Dog Treats and Halo Dog Treats are the runner-up.

Thanks Mr. Chewy for fetching some treats for Biscuit and sending them along.

Be sure to follow Mr. Chewy's busy life (it involves more than napping, playing and eating, you know!) on Facebook. More importantly, be sure to visit Mr. Chewy for all of your pet care needs!


  1. I have heard about this. I am going to try them. I can't find much natural pet food in our town. Thanks for posting.

    Ann Lawson

  2. Brutus and I love this company! They ship really fast and have great items.


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